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Power Records and MusicClick Image To Visit SiteI’ve always said over and over… that there is nothing like the sound of Vinyl.  Placing that new or near mint record just plays and sounds so good on my ancient record player.  Here’s an article I enjoyed reading recording the cool sound and popularity of Vinyl

Whether it was the cassette, the CD or the introduction of downloads, each step forward in music delivery technology was considered another nail in the coffin for the notoriously fragile vinyl recording.

But the classic format refused to die, with canny businesses forging a profitable niche for themselves serving the diehards who preferred the format.

And now even major players in the industry are getting back on board, being forced to eat their words because the customer is always right – and the customer wants vinyl.

Pure Entertainment in Stevenage’s Old Town is one independent retailer which has just made the switch to specialising in vinyl, which was previously a sideline to CD sales.

Increasing demand and high sales for the old style LPs – including a first release Pink Floyd album which changed hands at £300 – have prompted owner Brian Keay to rebrand as Revolution Records, selling secondhand classics and contemporary re-released titles from its Middle Row base.

Rock from the 1970s is the biggest hit, with Brian admitting: “Youngsters today are listening to the bands I was into 45 years ago, Led Zeppelin and stuff like that.”

Revolution Records – which is also aiming to stock music from local bands – is a product of a growing appetite for old-fashioned vinyl records.

Annual vinyl sales grew 800 per cent between 2007 to 2014, while supermarket giant Tesco stocked LPs again during last year’s Christmas period.

He said: “Vinyl is so much better in terms of sound quality. I think… Read more…

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