PowerToPedal.comClick Image To Visit SiteAt just 24 years old, I was told I wouldn’t be able to walk when I was 30 if I didn’t stop impact sports immediately. As a competitive runner and active skier, this news shattered my life and sunk me into a depression. Was my destiny to sit on the couch and feel sorry for myself?

I thought that when I ran and it hurt that’s what he meant. And since I loved running and competition, I learned to tolerate a lot of pain.

Hi, my name is Robin Robertson, and I’m a USA Cycling Coach (Level 2), ACE Certified Personal Trainer, and I own and manage a tennis and health club (more on my “test kitchen” later).

What separates you from the good, strong riders is not just strength – but technique. If you take two cyclists with equal strength, the one with superior technique will win every time.

What is this? You didn’t know that there is more to cycling than just pushing down on the pedals? Oh yes, my friends, much more. Simple technique tips that change everything. You can say goodbye to grinding slowly up the hill while others wiz past you.

No matter what type of cyclist you are now (from brand new to cycling to veterans), if you want to transition to being more comfortable, confident, and powerful on a bike, then it should be no surprise that learning the secrets and practicing the techniques will change everything.

If you just go ride, or hop into a spinning® class, you might be working hard, but these workouts are disjointed and without a plan. There is an entire “next level” of training where a planned progression of workouts produce REAL results that you can see and feel, especially when you are… Read more…