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Property Development - Property Investment - Renovation PropertyClick Image To Visit SiteAnd the future? If nothing alters in your life, if you continue to work in the same way, is your future going to get dramatically better?

The ‘Property Development for Profit’ ecourse is a complete course that takes you through every aspect of your property development portfolio – from selecting the houses, negotiating prices, recognising the renovations to be done, to marketing your finished product.

Financing the first purchase…..choosing what type of property to invest in………..finding the right property………….negotiating the right price…………..where to buy; direct, from an estate agent or auction………….budgeting to make the most profit….choosing whether to buy to sell or buy to let……..

Wouldn’t that give you the confidence to do another one, and another one, and another one………….?

As one of the revered top property experts in the country Dennis set up his own business, Heritage Homes, then bought, renovated and sold over 400 houses in the North West of England.

What is interesting is that he started with no money of his own, just with a loan from a bank! Before too long, and a few houses renovated and sold on, the bank were tripping over themselves to lend him money. However by that time he had build up sufficient money to run the company financially himself.

"When I started my property career, I was nervous. I knew, from my experience of being an Estate Agent, that a fortune could be made from property investment, and in particular, from renovating houses.

But I didn’t have enough cash of my own to buy a property or to cover the building costs, so I went cap-in-hand to the local bank manager. He was happy with my detailed costings, and we both made money from my first property!"

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