Publishing a Successful Fashion Blog: Pro-Blogging Guide for Stylish Entrepreneurs

Publishing a Successful Fashion Blog: Pro-Blogging Guide for Stylish EntrepreneursClick Image To Visit SiteDo you wonder how fashion bloggers make a living out of their blog and how they make it so successful?

Do you want to start a fashion blog but don´t have a closet full of clothes and shoes, or a £70,000 worth of designer closet like Jane Aldridge of Sea of Shoes had, to make it a success?

Are you a fashion blogger with an over a-year-old blog and yet you´re still not making (enough) money from it?

Do you have a fashion blog and yet no matter what you do, spending hours on visiting and commenting on other blogs, you´re still unable to increase your traffic?

Are you unhappy at work and wish you could build your own business, become your own boss, and make money out of your passion?

Do you want to build a blog that generates stable income immediately after six months from its launch?

“It wasn´t until a year into publishing when we realized quite a few people read us.” ~ Lauren Dimet-Waters, Second City Style

This eBook tells you how to avoid those pitfalls and how to build your blog in a solid foundation starting from the VERY beginning.

Less than six months after I launched my blog, Creative Fashion, I started earning revenue, steadily, and the income increases as the traffic grows.

Within the first year of my blog, I earned over $3500 combined from advertorial and affiliate marketing. My focus during this first year was not to make money, but to drive traffic to my site. To my surprise, money came knocking on my door.

I didn´t have Google Adsense on my blog until this month when it turned one year and two months, but the daily income through this contextual ad is amazing… Read more…

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