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Hi, my name is Neil Jackson, a pharmacist of 30 years. This website is in response to women asking me to comment on their

In fact they are ALL the reasons for women and men to gain weight after completing one of these diets.

Any program that tells you that it is not your fault that you are over weight is doing you a disservice. We are responsible for what we eat. We may have learned bad habits from our parents, but ultimately we are responsible for our selves. In order to have rapid, permanent weight loss we HAVE to take responsibility for our life and eating habits. If we do not take responsibility then we can never change and we will continue the bad habits that have resulted in what we look like at the moment.

I looked at the diet and exercise lifestyle that I have and combined that with the good points of all the decent weight loss plan, I came up with ‘Permanent Weight Loss’

Permanent Weight Loss is a weight loss plan designed to change your life, your eating habits and your exercise. It is a gentle easy way to go from a sedentary, inactive individual to a vibrant, active person. It will increase your energy levels, revitalise your life and boost your health. If you have lost the energy to do things, if you have lost your libido, your mojo, this will give it… Read more…

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