Raw Food Made Fun, Easy & Beautiful - Jonny FreeshClick Image To Visit SiteThis previous year of teaching Raw Food classes and workshops has elicited more creativity than any other journey in my life. The abundance of natural, organic foods and people who share the passion of the raw food diet is like no other place on the planet. The energy this place emanates creates a completely unique culture of health, and I want to share the effects of this rawsome place with people all over the world.

This is not just another raw food diet recipe e-book. This is my passion offered for you to feast upon, as well as a powerful tool for both newbies to raw food and experienced raw chefs looking for something original. I personally guarantee that the delicacies you find here will be just as, if not more delectable and satisfying than any anything you’ll find in your average raw food recipe book. Everything in this book is uniquely inspired by the ambiance and uniqueness of Bali, an Island known for being a haven for the raw food lifestyle.

Even a complete beginner will be able to pick out any recipe in this book, make it for their family, and blow them away with the impressive combination of taste and healthiness. If you’ve been looking for a way to get started with Raw Food in your kitchen, or perhaps expand your bag of tricks, you’ll find what you need inside this e-book. For just $11, this is one of the best deals you will find anywhere on phenomenal, original raw food creations.

I wanted to condense the experience of the Ubud Raw Food Life down to something anyone could digest easily. Over the last year of teaching people how to make raw food in a fun and light hearted way, I’ve… Read more…