Rosacea natural treatment - “Kick Rosacea Now”... Using Foods, Herbs and Natural SupplementsClick Image To Visit SiteBy Linda Parker ND, Dip Nut, DRM, Dip Hom, Dip Bot Med Skin Naturopath, Author, Lecturer & Medical Herbalist

Have you had Rosacea for a long  time and it’s not getting better, despite the fact that you’ve ‘tried everything’.

Are you worried about taking prescription drugs or cortisone creams that could cause harmful side-effects?

The “Kick Rosacea Now”  EBook has over 125 pages of informative, practical and useful information to reduce the redness on the face, along with acne and dryness.

I frequently lecture on the subject of Rosacea, as well as Eczema and Hair Loss. I have regular workshops and if you would like me to speak at a venue near you, please feel free to contact me.

I way I treat rosacea is by using natural remedies, specifically herbal medicine, changes in diet, target vitamins and minerals and stress reduction techniques.

From my extensive clinical experience, I find that Rosacea is  easily and effectively reduced using herbal medicines (not synthetic drugs) and changes in diet.

I organise for testing, so I can find out some facts about different organ systems…you know, what’s working well, and what isn’t.

Once you’ve identified the cause of rosacea (by doing the appropriate testing) you’re well on your way to great skin that’s not red but clear.

Most people are disillusioned with their doctors and with prescription medications. They may be suffering side effects from drugs and can become dependent on them. Often the doctor doesn’t investigate the person’s diet or lifestyle.

It’s SO IMPORTANT to understand why it’s happening to you, what are the SYMPTOMS and the CAUSES and critically, how to go about reducing the Rosacea quickly.

My whole clinic revolves around rosacea and people come from far and… Read more…

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