Running Beyond Baby – Running Beyond BabyClick Image To Visit Site“Since working with Shira, I’ve PRed in the 5k, 10k, and half marathon and actually feel strong while I’m running.” ~ Morgan

Running Beyond Baby is a signature running program for moms and moms to be.  Well, for any female that is but I have a place in my heart for the women out there juggling kids, careers, chores, and their run.

Let’s be honest and agree that there is tons of stuff out there for runners.  Training plans, downloadables, guides but none of them are geared towards mamas, teaching us how to train to run or showing us how to do it with our postpartum bodies and hormones.

Most people run to lose weight only to end up gaining weight in the end not to mention wrecking the metabolism.  Let’s not even talk about not getting faster or stronger.

When we run to lose weight, we get softer, create out of whack hormones and basically eat ALL the food.  Why?  Because we are trying to use running as a way to lose weight which is basically spinning your wheels.

Training to run the RunningBeyondBaby way, leaves you stronger, less injured, more efficient and of course more confident because rather than just running, you are crushing your times.

Oh and you show up looking fit because you have finally changed the shape of your body.  You are no longer searching for body change you desire.

 for women who think they need to run more to lose weight, but have not had that experience, and just end up less toned, more hungry and a schedule full of hours of running

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