Running Nutrition, Strength and Injury PreventionClick Image To Visit Site1 in 3 runners gets injured in their first 3 years of running. Learn how to catch injuries early or avoid them altogether!

Whether you are just started running or you are training to compete, your nutrition is a key component of your success.

This guide will teach you how to eat to shed excess weight, but also to properly fuel your training and maximizing your recovery.

Tailored to 3 different athletes: runners who run to lose weight, runners who want to improve their performance and competitive athletes

Different example meal plans for runner trying to lose weight, get lean or improve their athletic potential.

If you truly want to become a good runner, it is time to move away from solely focusing on training runs and instead incorporate strength training – whether at the gym or in your home using free weight workouts to boost your running performance as well as minimize the risk of injuries.

The goal is not bulk up with muscle; instead, we want to develop your strength in a more balanced and comprehensive way so you eliminate your weak areas and allow all of the essential parts to work together in sync.

A printable, easy to follow 8 week program that touches all the muscle groups you need to develop in 3 weekly workouts of 20 minutes each.

Two different workout plans: one for runners with access to a gym with weights, one with bodyweight exercises that can be executed from anywhere!

Each exercise is illustrated and explained clearly. Movement by movement, what to do and what to be careful not to.

Scientific research has shown that about 60-65% of the runners are injured during a year owing to the risks associated with running like training errors, racing speed, running surface, body weight and several… Read more…

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