There are literally hundreds of transportation companies and tens of thousands of accomodations to choose from in Europe.

Withour getting confused on which ones offer the best services and rates, Gabe Lara will direct you in what to look for so you can make the best choice possible.

How to guarantee you always pay the lowest fare to Europe
Find out THE best time and day of the week to search for flights to Europe–very important
Two stunningly simple and LEGAL ways to quickly get 1000’s of bonus miles – for a song
3 fool-proof ways to get a complimentary upgrade from coach to business / first class
Where you can watch real-time flight tracking
Where to find blowout cruises available ONLY in Europe
Learn how to get 50% off European hotels and car rentals and receive FREE upgrades
How to book flights within Europe for less than a bus fare
When and where to travel Europe by rail and when not to
How I booked a flight from Rome to Venice for only €1… INCLUDING TAXES
How I got FREE lodging in TWO of Europe’s most expensive cities
Where to find THE best European travel insurance and optional upgrades
How to apply for jobs, study abroad and volunteer positions in Europe
What European home exchange programs are all about
Where to find student and senior special discount offers
How to deal with issues abroad including birth, death, wedding or adoption
Real stories of €u£ture $ho¢k, crossing borders, scams and the black market
How to avoid common European scams

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Find out how to have family CALL YOU on a European Landline FOR FREE
How using two simple applications for a smart phone will give you nonstop European service (hint: it’s not a gps program)
Where to access over 100,000 FREE wi-fi locations in Europe
The 7 European travel benefits of taking your own computer
Locate internet point shops with what to expect to pay
Where to buy a European SIM card for €5 and mailed to your home with €10.00 credit
How to use European cellular offers to your advantage
Find out the ONLY messaging service I use and why
How to have YOUR PHOTOS made into a postcard and mailed home for only $3
How to share your European travel photos IN REAL TIME – no smart phone necessary
How to avoid OUTRAGES European ROAMING charges all together

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