Self Help Book:Transform Your Loss. Your Guide to Strength & Hope — Transform Your Loss ~ Your Guide to Strength and Hope!Click Image To Visit SiteIn this book I share the greatest loss I have experienced, the loss of my father. I was able to transform it and dedicate my life to help others transform their own transitions and have a life with more meaning and purpose.

In just moments you could be acquiring a book that may change your life completely. We all go through losses… and we can transform them. We all have the resources inside of us… allow me to guide you to transform your loss and transform your life.

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Grief is the natural reaction we experience when we suffer a significant loss in our lives. The term was introduced in his essay Mourning and Melancholia by psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud, who describes it as “(…) a reaction to the loss of a loved one or an abstraction that replaces them, such as our homeland, freedom, or an ideal.”6 According to this definition we can then apply it to different types of situations that cause us a sense of loss and therefore produce suffering. The time that one lives after a… Read more…

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