Sign Language for Babies and BeyondClick Image To Visit SiteI am so glad I found this online!! I am so excited – signing is something that I have always wanted to learn…I find it so fascinating! I have 2 and 4 yr old (boys) that are really showing interest in learning as well. My four year old watched some of these videos with me after I downloaded them and he is already showing everyone what he has learned!!! Now my four year old is asking to watch the videos and practice every night!! I love this! I thank you for your help and this wonderful opportunity! God bless! Jennifer Kotzbauer Erlanger, Ky

When my niece was about 10 months old she would get very frustrated and yell and cry a lot. I taught her how to sign 3 signs "please" "more” and "eat". She stopped yelling and throwing tantrums in a matter of 20 minutes! Kelly Bunting – Santa Clara, UT

Wendy is also the author of the e-book “Positive Parenting: Developing Discipline Without Yelling, Nagging, Spanking, or Time-Outs!” For more information go to:

"More and more research in the Early Childhood field is leading to encouraging young children to use sign language. The more language or signs that a child can accumulate in the earliest years, the greater the vocabulary growth and verbal intellectual development later in life. Communication through sign seems to build connections in the brain. I have seen typically developing children and developmentally delayed children benefit through the use of early signs. Sign Language for Babies and Beyond is a great tool for any developmental specialist, parent, or caretaker to have." -Mikelle Yates Hafen, M.S. Early Intervention Specialist, Counselor -St. George, UT

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