Sign Up - iOS CentricClick Image To Visit SiteWe are finally able to share the SHOCKING TRUTH of how anyone can posses more knowledge than an Apple Genius employee for only Pennies a day! Turn your volume up and watch the video below.

Check out how iOS Centric has been able to teach people of all ages to become smarter than Apple Genius employees…

It’s sad really. Most people who own an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad are not enjoying some of its best features Apple intended customers to take advantage of because they just don’t know about them!

They are oblivious to some iOS’ (the operating system powering any mobile Apple device) most powerful functionality. That once understood can be used to propel ones productivity to new heights and do some really impressive things.

Why would you spend hundreds, near thousands, of dollars on something you didn’t know how to use properly?

That sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it? The sad thing is this applies to almost everyone who purchases and Apple iOS device. Heck, even if you work IT for a living or consider yourself to be technologically savvy, unless you have spent hundreds of hours studying iOS like we have, there is A LOT you are in the dark about.

Don’t you think you owe it to yourself to at least learn how to use the Apple iOS device you bought to its fullest capabilities? 

We think you do, and that is why we created iOS Centric. A learning platform of over 100 (and growing) short and sweet instructional videos that will teach you how to best take advantage of all the features your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad has to offer.

We are tired of seeing people spend the amount of money Apple charges for their products and ONLY knowing how… Read more…

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