Software Product Magic - Create hot selling software without programming!Click Image To Visit SiteFor the last couple of months I have been one of a handful of people who have had access to a new and exciting tool that builds amazing software products without any programming.

I recorded myself doing the challenge and starting with no preparation, no product idea, nothing… I picked an idea, created it and had it ready for launch in less than six hours.

And that’s not the time it took to make the software, that is six hours to research, decide on a product, create it, prepare some launch copy, do an e-cover… everything.

I launched that product THE SAME DAY on the Warrior Forum as a ‘WSO’ (Warrior Special Offer).

And thats just from the initial launch done on the Warrior forum.  I’ve since sold the same product through my own web site and other promotions and in two months its taken another $8,406 in sales.  And it will continue to sell in the future too.

And this was just one simple piece of software created and built with Software Product Magic and not a single line of code in sight.

At the time of writing I have released three WSO’s that were made using SPM. I have also launched a number of programs outside of the Warrior forum that have been made with this and all of them have done well.

How a Software Product Magic User with no mailing list launches two low-ticket products made with SPM and pulls in over $3000 in 21 days…

I gave a test copy to Adam Jackson and he has already launched two products using it and has another couple on the way.

Adam released his SPM products without having any email list and in just a few days he pulled in some… Read more…

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