Solutions To Cat Behavior ProblemsClick Image To Visit SiteFrom: Paul and Sarah M’sRCVS, Owner of Merlin and a soon to be Cats only Vet Practice! We have a combined experience of 28 years in veterinary practice with a long interest in all things feline. We like cats so much and recognise there unique qualities that we are building a cats only vet practice in the UK, SimplyCats. However our own cat started to exhibit some behavioral problems and this was the trigger we needed to produce our own Cat Behavior Guide, We hope this guide will be useful to our clients at the practice and also on the Internet.

He’s 10 years old and we’ve had him since he was 6 where we rescued him when he was brought in as a stray to the Vet Practice where Sarah was working..

If you ask me, cats are at times the smartest, best pets in the world and we just love them so much. However they can have their problems, spraying, aggression to humans and other cats, litter tray problems and transport problems.

If you are having problems with a cat due to an abnormal behavior, READ this guide to save hours of searching and it will allow the most focused use of your time in solving this behavior. Also this guide is GUARANTEED with a money back pledge if you are unhappy in any way.

Targeted, Practical Information Specifically On How To Stop and Prevent Cat Spraying, Inappropriate Urination, Wall Scratching, Cat Aggression, etc NOW!

Because they are so smart, Cats can be quite difficult to train. They think so fast and catch on so quickly, it’s critical to catch them early and help them develop the right habits so you both can live "happily ever after" together. This is much more important than in dogs!!

Because we… Read more…

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