Spiritual e-books - spiritual e-books at an attractive price of $ 9.99Click Image To Visit SiteIn spite of reading, learning, practicing and experiencing so many methods to regulate your mind-body, life still remains a matter of discontent, chaos and misery. These spiritual two books bring into you a distinct change in your lifestyle and a deep understanding of how to use the power of your Sixth Sense.

Naturally unfolding a balance in your life to any situation whether good, bad or ugly; the author conveys that wisdom, which makes your ego-mind lose its control over your true being.

Gian Kumar’s spiritual e-books Know Thyself and Think from the Heart – Love from the Mind, answer such existential question in simple terms for everyone to understand, and practice. The spiritual e-books raise and address pertinent views about the dogmas of religion, God and an individual’s right in this universe. The e-books create a profound and deep spiritual impact; tangible and intelligible for the common person. Read more…

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