Supply Chain Management Book - Save Your Business Millions - Supply Chain SecretsClick Image To Visit SiteSupply chain managers, logistics managers, business owners and even students looking towards a career in supply chain management will all benefit by learning the straightforward techniques shared in the "Supply Chain Secrets" book.

Packed with practical, tested, professional information, methods and examples that will allow you to gain control and make serious progress towards achieving your business goals!

You know that feeling you get when you’re really thrown yourself into solving a problem and all you end up with is a better understanding of the problem?

"Supply Chain Secrets" author, Rob O’Byrne has been working, teaching and consulting in the field of Logistics and Supply Chain since he was 17! He’s personally led projects that have delivered millions in bottom line savings and improved service levels.

Rob seems to have supply chain strategies imbedded in his very DNA and he manages to consistently deliver reduced costs and improved service to his clients, regardless of whether they have the best or worst supply chain in their sector!

No provider of Supply Chain and Logistics solutions is better respected or more well-known than Rob’s company, Logistics Bureau! &nbsp

Buying a copy of the "Supply Chain Secrets" book is like having the opportunity to pick Rob’s brain and benefit from the incredible knowledge he’s amassed over the years.

Rob O’Byrne here, Owner and Managing Director of the leading management consulting firms: Logistics Bureau, Logistics Bureau Asia and Benchmarking Success.

If you knew where to start or what to do, you would have rolled up your sleeves and done it already, right?

You realize that you need a better strategy for your supply chain, but there are so many steps that lie between you and your customer, that it’s often hard to even know where to… Read more…

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