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If your reading this, then you probably have a passion for woodworking and can see the money that people make from it. Why do they call me The Angry Woodworker? Well, like you I bought all those other woodworking plans. To get to the realization that having 50,000 plans means nothing if they are all from the “Brady Bunch sitcom” and are completely outdated. Yet alone would never sell!

I understand your pain because I was in your position! But what if I told you that you can build your own furniture business, and do it very easy, and make a lot of money! If you can put together Big Box Store furniture then you can DO THIS!

Most woodworking plans that are online or in magazines are completely outdated! Why? Because woodworking was a big business back in the 70’s. We all remember looking at our fathers old wood-working magazines and staring at the plans for hours. Right? But when we tried building it, they never looked like the picture. There were always parts of the puzzle missing & very complicated. After buying many different woodworking plans I started to become angry. They were all complete garbage, and I had wasted way to much money that I could not afford to loose. That’s how I became THE ANGRY WOODWORKER!

Well, luckily for you, I have fixed these problems and have spent the last 4 years going through thousands of woodworking plans on the internet to find the best ones that are TOP SELLERS and tested on the market! I started with hardly NO MONEY, NO EXPERIENCE, & with disconnect bills… Read more…