The Beekeeping BibleClick Image To Visit SiteThis e-Book is Filled With Instructions, Along With History and Understanding. Plus, My view of "A Promise of Hope." for the honey bees.

My name is Janet Parker and I have been raising honey bees for only around 5 years now and have acquired 200 hives and growing since day one.

I sell hives each year and raise queens for my personal use and for sale. I also sell the honey the bees produce.

The pictures taken in this e-book has been taken by me or one of my children; Sarah, Clay or Matthew. or pictures that we have permission to use.

We sincerely hope you enjoy the tour of our farm and also that this book will add encouragement and knowledge to your Beekeeping.

As many of us know the beekeepers type honey bee has been on the near extinction list for quite some time now.

Keeping bees is not as simple as some might think. Getting them to stay where you put them is another challenge we beekeepers face daily. I share some answers in my e-book with you.

In my recent studies I have found that there are many New Beekeepers. This is good news! I’ve been ask a lot of questions at our West Alabama Beekeepers Association meetings. They tell me I have more hives than all members put together so, I seem to be qualified to answer their questions. I raise honey bees full time.

I enjoy meeting beekeepers and sharing bee stories. Most all new beekeepers know they want to keep bees and have bees but, don’t really know want to do with them now that they have them. This is where I come in.

Along with short stories throughout that show signs of "A Promise of Hope" for us and… Read more…

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