The Complete Intarsia Manual

The Complete Intarsia ManualClick Image To Visit SiteAll the tool information you need – plus all the techniques, tips and tricks you want – have been gathered in one place…

There are quite a few books by intarsians that explain their techniques. Hundreds more have been published covering different tools, woods and finishes – plus of course there are thousands of websites packed with information.

The trouble is it can all get a bit confusing, can’t it. The useful info is all over the place. You want to be out in the shop making intarsia, not leafing through piles of stuff that’s often not even relevant!

The result is "The Complete Intarsia Manual" and whether you’re an experienced woodworker who needs help with the finer points – or you’re just starting out with the fascinating art of intarsia and don’t know one end of a scroll saw from the other – this book will prove invaluable.

Newton R Ferguson Californian Newton is recognised not just in America but across the globe as one of our most creative intarsians. A highly skilled craftsman, he is a leading contributor to the growth in the popularity of our art.

Fred Martin Perhaps the world’s foremost exponent of the "backless" method, Canadian Fred has won numerous awards for his work and is frequently published in leading international magazines like Creative Woodworks and Crafts.

Bob Beacham One of Europe’s best-known intarsians, Bob was the first in the world to offer downloadable intarsia plans when he started Today, over 120 plans are available without the cost or time delay of mailing.

Many of you will already know the huge benefits associated with e-books (that’s what this manual is) but in case you don’t, here are a few of the plus points:

Now having read all that you might expect "The Complete Intarsia Manual" to… Read more…

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