The eBook University

In 2004 Phil Gosling tried an experiment that changed his life, and can change yours.

He wrote an eBook!

It sold 12,000 copies in two weeks before he turned off the website because his own accounts system was being swamped, and to achieve this he sent out less than ten emails. That was his entire marketing strategy – ten emails.

He got his most recent cheque for this same book a few weeks ago. It was about $500. After nine years he still receives regular cheques and at one point you could have drilled down into Google for 1900 pages and still seen references to it.

That was just one eBook. There are people who are earning massive incomes just with eBooks…

Tony Waters has created a huge income with his Secrets of Skateboarding series – just writing about his hobby.

Grandmother Margie Garrison has made an estimated million dollar + income from her revelations on arthritis.

David Riklan made over $100,000 in one day – the list goes on.

This doesn’t happen to any eBook. There’s a process involved and if you follow the process than this is the kind of result you can expect.

Phil reveals that process, and more on his new website and he’s currently offering over a thousand dollars in bonuses and extra content.

So why not find out why eBooks has become the #1 escape tunnel for people who just want to live life with enough money not to worry about money anymore.

Find out more here: Click Here for The eBook University!

As Phil says – if you need extra income why work overtime when you can sit quietly with a laptop and a cup of latte…?

P.S. This is an amazing deal, the best deal I have seen in a long time so don’t let it pass you by.

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