The Genesis Keys - Psychic Instructional Package to Expand Your ConsciousnessClick Image To Visit SiteRaise Your Vibration and Expand Your Consciousness with … THE GENESIS KEYS To Spiritual Awakening

A complete psychic and spiritual development course to raise consciousness and advance your spiritual growth.

"Beautiful work!" – Sonia Choquette, NY Times bestselling author, reviewing "Navigating 2012" by Dr. Michael R. Smith

As humanity shifts into a new age of higher vibration, each of us is waking up to the staggering potential that we have to create our own reality. In the eBook Awakening the Genesis Within, spiritual mediums LD Porter & Dr. Michael R. Smith have dutifully transcribed the dialogues resulting from spiritual channeling sessions undertaken over a period of two years.

Filled with dynamic new insights and revealing new discoveries, you will discover how to harness your own power of genesis to originate an authentic new reality. Join wonderful, loving friends in the Spirit world who bring you practical, down-to-Earth, and often humorous wisdom about how to use your powers of intention to realize and evolve the life you desire.

This enlightening dialogue provides fresh new revelations on age-old questions.

Download The Genesis Keys to Spiritual Awakening The Home Study Package Includes: -4 eBooks -4 Audio Instructional Seminars -Live Psychic Development Class

Are you ready to Travel into New Realms? TOPICS COVERED IN DETAIL:

After absorbing the wisdom in this instructional package, you will have a rich higher-level understanding of telepathy, ability to perceive angels, world religions, and the new generations of children being born on the Earth. You’ll receive an expanded understanding about the Akashic records (and how they are related to the electromagnetic energy of the Earth), about kundalini energy, and much more…..

AND…. Full-length audio Q&A on Psychic Development & Healing. A Q&A session with Dr. Michael Smith and LD Porter about how to use the mind… Read more…

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