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“Sorry ma’am. You are 60 days delinquent. I have to shut it off now,” the rep from the utility company said, avoiding my pleading gaze.

Explaining to your kids why the power is shut off isn’t easy the first time. Let me tell you, it’s excruciating the third time.

Normally, I’d be annoyed that I just got “ma’am-ed” by a young guy. But today, I had bigger worries.

Because for the third time in 18 months, we were in the dark. And my kids are too smart to believe it was “just a mistake at the power company” again.

I rang up my soon-to-be-ex and begged for a quick loan to get things turned back on before the kids got home from school. Then, I called my best friend Stacy to cry.

“Felicity, you know life would be so much easier if you stopped the divorce and reconciled. Why can’t you at least consid…”

I had already fought through the fears of starting over, dealt with the uncertain emotions my kids felt, and had proof I would be happier being out of that marriage.

Well, “happier” is relative when you are scraping by, flat broke, and getting your power shut off…

My best friend was just the most recent in a long line of people in my life telling me to go back to my ex. And telling me to give up on my crazy idea of becoming a writer and go get a “real job”.

Sure, I sarcastically reasoned. A job that will take me away from my kids 50+ hours a week. And a job that… Read more…

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