The Lazy Raw Foodist's GuideClick Image To Visit SiteSuperfood debates and the raw almond crisis … For a "natural" diet, it sure seems complicated! Can someone really thrive as a Lazy Raw Foodist?

And that’s just the food prep side of things! Raw food diets really do demand some education—especially if you want to avoid complications down the road. As an Intuitive Life Coach who happens to be a successfully Lazy Raw Foodist, I receive a lot of requests for recipes:

“These taste just like oatmeal raisin cookies! You must have spent days preparing them.” I giggle, because you see, I really don’t do difficult food prep. I also don’t live on mono-meals. Nor do I eat out all the time—although I have been known to do so if synchronicity cooperates.

Mostly, I just love raw food, and I take particular pleasure in finding ways to make it delicious, sustainable and above all else: easy.

My blood tests always score in optimal range, even without following a careful diet, so clients and students keep asking how they can have this much fun without the learning curve. I coach artists, writers, chefs and visionaries—people who sense the raw lifestyle would provide loads of clarity, creativity and vitality … if only they knew how to avoid pitfalls and temptations. Having lived high raw vegan since 2004, I’ve found my own way, but I’ve also helped others find ways that work for them.

So many folks continue to ask me for raw food recipes and advice that I recognized a need for very busy people to access easy yet fun ways of manifesting a raw lifestyle. Yes, I said manifesting, because it’s not just about the food. “Living raw” fosters our latent abilities to create the life we want—including access to the… Read more…

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