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The Mathematical Quickies & Trickies Series -Click Image To Visit SiteTired of constantly being fooled by tricky math questions? No longer do you need to, because help is now available.

Singapore’s bestselling Mathematical Quickies & Trickies, which has sold over 90,000 copies locally, contains more than 300 non-routine problems to enhance students’ mathematical problem-solving skills. With many creative worked examples and questions, and with cartoons sprinkled throughout the book, Mathematical Quickies & Trickies would appeal primarily to these audiences:

* problem solvers longing to be challenged by questions whose obvious solutions are never the correct ones for what offhand appears to be true is false.

With proper insight, you’ll learn how to solve these tricky problems almost instantly, whose solutions are almost never the correct ones. You need no longer be caught off-guard; instead, you’ll learn to solve these questions confidently—how to tame these counter-intuitive questions into routine ones.

Contents 1. Mental Computation I 2. Mental Computation 2 3. Number Series 4. A Tricky Way with Fractions 5. Test Your Calculator Proficiency 6. Simplifying a Complex Fraction 7. Recurring Decimals 8. Is Zero an Even or Odd Integer? 9. Casting Out Nines 10. Be a Calculator Expert 11. Division by 9 12. Number Riddles 13. Ten Steps to be Math Smart 14. Shortcuts a la Trachtenberg 15. Geometrical Quickies 1 16. Geometrical Quickies 2 17. Geometrical Quickies 3 18. (Sugar + Coffee) + Milk = Sugar + (Coffee + Milk) 19. Applications of Number Laws 20. Law of One 21. Distributive Law 22. More Applications of Distributive Law 23. The Joy of Guesstimation 24. Are You a Fermi Disciple? 25. Bravo Singapore 26. Lightning Calculators 27. Geometrical Quickies 4 28. Some Calculator Quickies Answers & Solutions Bibliography & References

Type of e-book: Nonfiction, problem solving, recreational, Singapore math, trick questions Audiences: Suitable for Grades 4-7 (or Primary 4-7… Read more…

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