The Naked Truth About Personal Protection

The Naked Truth About Personal ProtectionClick Image To Visit SiteChip Cummings, Host of the Financial Fitness Show! a nationally-syndicated radio program recently interviewed Sgt. Buschena about "Kick Ass Home Security!"

Are you absolutely positive you’ve done everything you can to prevent a burglar from breaking into your home or apartment?

If you’re not sure, "Kick Ass Home Security!" may be the most important book you ever read!

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation one burglary occurs every 14.3 seconds.

The sad fact is many of these are preventable, had the victims only known what to do or taken some other action.

Click here to discover the specific tips, tricks and techniques in "Kick Ass Home Security!" to turn your home into a TOUGH TARGET!

Other Crime Prevention Titles by Sgt. Mark Buschena Available at

Other Crime Prevention Titles by Sgt. Mark Buschena Available at

But your chances of avoiding and surviving a criminal encounter just got better than ever!

Your information will never be sold or disclosed to anyone. I respect your privacy and hate junk email with a passion!

Over the years I have spoken to literally thousands of people in presentations on personal protection.

The other thing that became clear is that I can’t teach you everything you need to know in 45 minutes or an hour. It was going to take some other way to get the critical information to the people who desperately want it. And since I can’t physically sit you down and go over this with you personally, I’ve put my 30 years of law enforcement experience, and 18 years of crime prevention experience, into an easy to use, easy to understand, and easy to obtain, format. It’s called “THE NAKED TRUTH ABOUT PERSONAL PROTECTION!”

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