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The Nosey Genealogist Family History HelpClick Image To Visit SiteIf you’ve been researching your own British Isles family history, like I have for a number of years, then you too have probably hit some brick walls.

In my own research I continuously came up against all sorts of ancestor brick walls; but I didn’t know how to get past them, in the early days. I missed out on a lot of leads that I could have found and followed sooner.

Eventually I realised that I needed to find out just how to get past these barriers. So I set out to learn more about the subject of family history.

I’ve now set it all down in a downloadable course that you can follow in your own time and at your own speed.

Available for a modest $10 per month which entitles you to a weekly tutorial some of which are created by professional genealogists and some by advanced amateurs.

This website is all about sharing with you what information I have gathered and so I hope that I can be of a little help to those of you who, like me a short while back, were floundering around on the Internet.

I make extensive use of the tools provided by genealogy websites in my own research. Sometimes, however, you just need to know a trick or two to get the best out of them.

That is why, as well as the above course, I have released a downloadable resource report on Beginning Family Research on the Internet. You can download it at any time of the day, or night, for a modest $27 using Clickbank to securely take payment. It is priced in US Dollars, but UK customers will find that clickbank converts the price to £s for you!

Beginning Family Research on the Internet includes some screen capture… Read more…

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