• "Do-Re-Mi" – THE SOUND OF MUSIC (1965)
  • The Sound of Music Opening Scene from The Sound of Music
  • The Sound of Music (5/5) Movie CLIP – So Long, Farewell (1965) HD
  • "The Sound of Music" Movie Clip 51
  • Sound of Music
  • The Lonely Goatherd – The Sound of Music
  • Sixteen Going On Seventeen from The Sound of Music
  • Maria and the Captain dance the Laendler from The Sound of Music
  • The Sound of Music (Sing-Along Edition)
  • The Sound of Music – The Wedding
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Customer Reviews

Big Screen Musical.

 on 21 December 2016
By Bill Rodick
I’ve had the dvd for years but only played it once. Virtually unplayable on a projection screen. Now this 50th Anniversary blu ray is made for my 10ft projection screen. Perfect picture: rich, vivid colours and excellent sharpness. Only the soundtrack lets it down a little. No real centre speaker dialogue and even full volume could do with more umph, except for the very loud wedding scene.

The best-ever musical based on real events

 on 4 June 2018
By Antonio Robert
Personally, I discovered this film more than 45 years after its release, with myself already in the late 30’s. But it immediately became one of my top ten favourites. A really divine combination of family story based on real events, coloured by the era of darkening political situation around the onslaught of Nazism, blissful music of masters named Rodgers/Hammerstein. Although it is predominantly a musical (and an American one at that), the universal message fits well even in the beautiful Alpine scenery of Austria, a country which once we in Slovakia were part of. The film also offers rather a kind, sympathetic look at Catholic Church, which now seems dated, but with the whole feel-good package you do not care a bit. The complete winner of 1965 main film awards against David Lean’s excellent “Dr. Zhivago”, it achieved a very rare feat being a truly good musical with excellent story (with at least Maria, starring the excellent Julie Andrews, being a really deep-drawn character). The film is sometimes beautifully romantic and offers not a few cases of comic relief, which are welcome every time the film threatens to slip to moody seriousness.

All The Blu-rays "Crop" The Width!

 on 20 April 2016
By Paul Middleton
5 stars for the film (of course) but although the Blu-rays are excellent remastered prints, disappointingly, these supposedly final, long awaited, “heirloom” blu-ray editions crop the width of the original film. The film was originally in 2.35:1 aspect, and these are in 2.20:1, so 6% of the width of the film is missing, “cropped” from the sides. Even though this is a relatively small amount, as The Sound Of Music is such a favourite, I think they should have given us the ENTIRE film as filmed, and as shown in cinemas. As they’re close to displaying the entire film, to have included the full width would have only meant a further very small reduction in the height of the film to accommodate the entire print. I’m sure the reason they cropped it is they were anticipating complainants saying “the picture’s too small” on their TV. But by now most people have large enough TV’s for a full width print to display just fine. Too, too sad, really! But as these blu-rays are anyway the best editions out there, what can you do? Buy it anyway. But “the suits”, “the biz”, did get it wrong.

How wonderful it is to have a movie such a this …

 on 3 September 2015
By Miss Elizabeth Wallace
How wonderful it is to have a movie such a this in one’s collection! Julie had trouble with her vocal chords afterwards and I read an article about her having to give up her singing. How wonderful to hear her and have a video to recall how great she really was! Christopher Plummer of course is just a dreamboat… Don’t know whether I like the idea of women (chaste ones) coming from a convent background however this was typical of ever so many who entered the church as a career and models expectations held of that era. (In reality though, life of sisters in the church, a life of total surrender and obedience was a lot harder.) When we combine the threat of a Nazi take-over of Austria into the equation and having to come up with a scheme to get out of the country, this movie takes on another meaning altogether. Ever so many people had to leave everything during the World War to secure their freedom when resisting Nazi occupation. This is what makes the whole movie so interesting. There’s a spice of romance when Julie falls for the Baron (who is courting a Baroness) without realizing her love. This sustains the film. There is also suspense in being looked for in the grounds of the convent at night time by the Nazi soldiers. I especially like the performance of the children. It is great to see what happened to those children on YouTube in

Men in uniforms, ladies dressed as nuns, leather boots…

 on 3 October 2017
By C. Curtis
I hadn’t seen this in a looooooong time, but I enjoyed, as did my 12 & 8 year old kids. For some reason, it has an intermission in the middle of it! I didn’t time it but in fast forwarding I would guess it was about 15 mins long. 15 mins of black screen with word “intermission” on it! Bizarre! But as Kenny Everett said; “Men in uniforms, ladies dressed as nuns, leather boots…. what’s not to like!”

Quality of production, reproduction, sound and picture is amazing for the age of the film! Great buy at the price! If you must!

 on 22 April 2018
By Rod Brown
I cannot stand this film as I must have seen it over a hundred times, as my wife is an addict for it. I lost my previous version (at least it was deemed to be my fault), so I was forced into buying this DVD.

Sound of music

 on 25 June 2016
By Jennie
Bought for a elderly lady with dementia who had been singing songs from this musical for the past few weeks. Brought tears to mine and her daughters eyes as she watched it and started to sing (every word) along with the DVD really pleased I got this for her

Absolute classic

 on 22 March 2016
By Tea for Two
A wonderful musical, and was pleasantly surprised to see it in its full length theatrical released version, having got used to (without realising it) the cut down version put out on TV over the years. This film strikes a chord in so many ways for so many people with its story about hope, love, overcoming various obstacles etc and winning through, and all done with humour and zest, and a bit of sentimentality. A phenomenal musical score of songs, probably the best ever written in this genre.

The best musical of all time

 on 17 November 2017
By Family man with children
One of the greatest musicals of all time. I never tire watching this. Any time of year, this film is perfect. The songs are magical, the story is a classic and the cast are first class! I particularly liked the bonus documentary on this DVD that gave extra details and insight into the film, characters and plot. A must for any fan.


 on 15 April 2015
By R M Arthan
My young niece loves her Disney films etc. but has never watched this famous film. Having seen locally that sing a long Sound of Music was coming to our local theater my younger sister and I burst into song trying to see who knew more words than the other and not our singing I can assure you but the fact we both knew so many of the songs almost word perfect aroused my ten year old niece’s interest so much so I decided to buy this CD for her and was really pleased to see it had been digitally enhanced and my niece loved the film and I know she will watch over and over again so all in all great value for money,
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