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** THE SPIRITUAL SECRETS OF HAPPINESS, HEALTH AND SUCCESS **… When You discover these astonishing Secrets you will immediately start gaining the essential Spiritual Power to effectively and quickly manifest into being the wonderful life you have always dreamed of . You will join the growing few with the ability to access the infinite power of True Self in order to efffortlessly and effectively manifest whatever you choose to imagine and wish for ! You can start living a wonderful life of happiness , abundance and limitless success . . . A worry free life full of enduring happiness , harmony , inner peace , true freedom , love , wealth and health . All you need is the practical knowledge provided for you now in this inspirational and Universal Self Help Guide.

** THE SPIRITUAL SECRETS OF HAPPINESS, HEALTH AND SUCCESS ** is a book of powerful , hidden Spiritual secrets ! Spiritual knowledge for manifesting a rich, effortless and fulfilling life for yourself right here and now ! Read exactly how to ask your True Self for the wonderful life you desire and let it then start manifesting it into being for you . You will discover within the pages of this book the secrets of life . . . The Universal Secrets for attracting lasting inner happiness , love , inner peace , healing and unlimited worldly abundance that is your true right . These are the proven spiritual secrets for enabling you to manifest into being the wonderful and amazing life you have always dreamed of ! Read how you can experience lasting inner happiness , health, true freedom and limitless success through these timeless , yet nearly lost ancient secrets and how your life and world will then be transformed.

** THE SPIRITUAL SECRETS OF HAPPINESS, HEALTH AND SUCCESS ** is a unique Universal Self Help guide , written from the real life experience of the author , for accessing the infinite power of True Self for effortlessly creating the wonderful life You truly desire!

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Customer Reviews

Great introduction to learning how to still the mind

 on 15 September 2012
By MousieTung's mum
This is a good basic introduction to concepts of mindfulness, with a slight twist, as it also weaves in principles from the Law of Attraction. It’s sort of like The Secret meets The Power of Now meets a hint of Buddhism and Taoism (and I didn’t even like the first two books, but I liked this one)

Best I have read

 on 15 January 2013
By Alan brown
I have read numerous books while on my own journey, this is by far the most rewarding book I have ever read. The book is so readable and makes so much sense. Highly recommend this book to everyone who would like to improve their understanding and experience of life.

Fantastic book!

 on 10 July 2018
By Theresa
I really enjoyed this book, it is one that you can continually turn to and use as a constant reminder and aide. To reread the tips and techniques again and again fixes the whole ethos of this book in your head. I felt that it truly delivers what it says on the cover and is well worth buying.

Very good and easy to understandI

 on 17 September 2013
By Stephanie H.
For the first time, after reading countless books on the same subject, yes, you may think I am a complete nutter, but the laws of attraction and vibration do actually make sense to me. Anyway, as I was saying, for the first time I think I get it. This book is written in a very down to earth way, by an Englishman I think, maybe that is why I get it.

The only spiritual journey book you will ever need

 on 12 March 2013
By Beverley
I have read many Law of Attraction and Spiritual guide books all promising secrets to inner contentment and happiness but Andrew’s book is the only one to deliver this promise so fully and easily. Whilst it is gratifying that each ‘happiness guru’ sings from the same song sheet, this consistency has not in the past led me to a practical and fulfilling understanding of how to achieve exactly what is being taught and I usually come away with more questions than answers and generally feeling a bit frustrated. Andrew’s book was the first to actually show me the simple totally achievable way forward and in a way that has liberated me from my previous inability to reach this inner peace and joy. This book is literally freedom in one step. I would strongly urge anyone wanting more understanding of themselves and of finding harmony and total balance in their lives to look no further than this utterly wonderful, inspirational and totally non self indulgent book. Thank you so much Andrew.

A thoughtful and helpful book

 on 13 June 2013
By beastygirl
I occasionally read this type of book, some are good some mediocre and some quite frankly are just writtten as money spinners. I didn’t expect a lot from this as it was very cheap (that’s why I bought it!), but I was surprised – it was uplifting and well written with love and thoughtfulness. The author comes over, to me anyway, as a caring person who genuinely wants to pass his knowledge on to others to help them to live a better life.

easy to read style

 on 1 July 2015
By Sarah.
The lay out and the writing of this book was gently pointing, in a direct, easy to read style, it was short, but full, so full of such succulent wisdom. 🙂 Such a great description to how the mind works, and the undoing of the pendulum swing of thinking, in to the intelligence of our natural self, waiting to take us by our hand to walk the light path of joy. If you are parched, this book will quench your thirst… 🙂

A helpful read

 on 7 December 2013
By micky0
Got this as Im having problems clearing my mind at night, I suffer from insomnia. Due to lack of sleep Ive suffered anxiety, this book has helped me. I find I can push away thoughts more now and rest without constent problem solving when I should be trying to sleep.An enjoyable read that helps to calm you. I would recommend this book !

a life changing challenge

 on 26 February 2015
By kimberly
This book allows you to analyse and understand your existence on earth. This is not a book to read once and put down but a guide to reread alongside everyday life as each time you read it you will become even more awaken in mind body and soul. There is no need to look any further for understanding of our spiritual selfs as everything you need to learn to finally (exist) is within this book. I feel like the light switch is finally on. Thank you author.

A brilliant study of the effects of mindfulness

 on 14 July 2013
By MR NJ Nelson
I just want to write a quick review about this book to say that I would highly recommend it. I have read many books on conscious creation and the arts of manifestation and, although there is nothing new or groundbreaking in this book, it serves as an excellent and much needed reminder that to create successfully we need to create from the INSIDE as aposed to trying to direct or force our intentions from the outside. This book teaches us very simply and very clearly how to reach that inner state of silence where we are connected to our higher selves and in the most powerful position to create our reality. It teaches us to enjoy the process and most importantly to be happy and ALLOW the process to unfold with detachment. A very worthwhile read and a valuable reminder on how to create WITHOUT the worry and stress.
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