the Travel Trainer – Free Lean Muscle Workout

the Travel Trainer - Free Lean Muscle WorkoutClick Image To Visit SiteI CLEARLY have insane genetics – right? Not exactly… Here’s me before I made my big transformation:

That transformation took a lot of hard work, yes. But it didn’t take a lot of time. I gained 32 lbs of lean muscle in 32 weeks. Building a leaner, healthier, and more athletic body in the process.

That’s when my life really started to take off. With a better body I had more energy, a greater ability to focus, I got sick less, and I had more confidence. Then I started my own business…

I’d MUCH rather stay in great shape year-round without having to “cut” come beach season. I think it’s kind of stupid. Why not stay in great shape year round?

With my growing schedule and responsibilities with the business – and the traveling – I had to find a way to train and eat healthy even if I was on the road, or (like today) stuck in the office unable to get to the gym. And so, I developed the Travel Trainer.

Don’t be fooled by the name. Even if you DON’T travel very much, this solution can be a GREAT addition to your library.

c) You LOVE training at the gym (like I do), but you need quick workouts that you can add in every now and then to boost your metabolism, get your blood flowing, or to simply experience the endorphins that are released due to intense exercise.

Sometimes I’ll bust these workouts during a work break. They get the ideas flowing and heighten our ability to focus far better than artificial stimulants.

Here’s another pic of what I look like 24/7/365. And I’m proud of it! I used to have no energy OR confidence when I… Read more…

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