The Ultimate Martial Arts CDClick Image To Visit SiteBut I wanted even more. Over the years I produced 2 very impressive videos for use in my weapons seminars and seminars on "secrets of the martial arts". These video’s sold for $75 each and have have sold hundreds of copies. I decided to Add these videos to the CD Rom.

In the past 5 years I continued to write new book and now the total is up to 32. I also added 10 more great books that are important and public domain, making the total of complete books on this CD 42. So you get all 42 Books and 6 hours of video in this collection. In this one collection you will find 42 COMPLETE BOOKS and 6 HOURS OF VIDEOS

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Finally a manual on weapons any student or a teacher would be proud to own for years to come and can refer to whenever they have a question on weapons or want a new technique. And learn how to do it right with the only comprehensive book on karate weapons ever published! Shown are the proper usage and katas for seven lethal karate weapons:

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