The Ultimate Secrets of Healthy Heart

The Ultimate Secrets of Healthy HeartClick Image To Visit SiteAt Last, the Ultimate Secrets of Healthy Heart & Longevity Finally Revealed! – Learn How You Can Add 10-20 More Years To Your Life With the New Discoveries in Medical Science…

If you are under 20, you can increase your life-span by as much as 15 years. Even if you are over 60, you can still enjoy more than two golden, "bonus" years by following the advice in this life-changing book!

At long last, you can live to be 100! Here are the six things that this information will do for you: You may well ask "What will this book do for me?" or to paraphrase Ben Franklin, "Can it bring me health (which is really wealth), happiness, and wisdom?" It can, for many reasons.

A growing number of books for laymen on the subject of health have appeared in the past decade. Never before has there been such widespread popular interest in medical science.

Much of this interest has been motivated by the unprecedented advances in medical research that have been made in our time.

One discovery has led rapidly to another and many old views are radically changed. New information, new diagnostic tools, and new drugs have provided new answers to many old problems that were believed to be without solution.

Even the practicing physician cannot always keep abreast of these swift developments in medical progress. He cannot take time from treatment of his patients to evaluate all reports of new findings and new products that daily flood his office.

At the same time, he cannot shirk the traditional responsibility of the physician to teach the public how to prevent illness and how best to treat it when it occurs.

The answer, therefore, seems to lie in a division of labor among doctors. Each should contribute to… Read more…

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