Tips for Portrait Photographers

Tips for Portrait PhotographersClick Image To Visit SiteYou will not find another book like this one. Most photography tip books deal with basic skills and technicalities. This book gives far more valuable tips that most people do not discuss or teach within photography. Specific things that will truly motivate you and give you that sharp, professional edge when doing photo shoots and dealing with clients.

This book contains a massive amount of real tips to help portrait photographers. Real life tips from a well established portrait photographer of over 7 years. I specialize in photographing families, babies, children, couples and more. Further, I specialize in photographing baby and child models and actors (kids that were regulars on Big Love, Days of Our Lives, General Hospital, Passions, CSI, Weeds, What About Brian, many movies, many more shows, and many commercials and print ads). I provide you with tips on getting in with modeling agencies should you want to obtain more clients

This reason why this book is so helpful, is because I am giving you tips that took me years to learn. Learning such valuable tips now will cut time off of your learning curve, therefore, earning you more money sooner.

"At just $8.99 this is the best investment you, the photographer, can make; because once you learn the skills in the eBook you’ll be equipped to take stunning photos for the rest of your life"

"Michele came to Santa Barbara to take our family pictures and pics of my 1 year old daughter and they came out great! My husband, who is a photography snob really loved the pics and we both think she is great! She has a good eye and good timing to capture the right shots. I still have many of those pics framed in my house, I love them!"

"Michele is very… Read more…

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