UNEXPECTEDLY VEGAN – The Vegan Cooking Guide To Tastier Health -Click Image To Visit SiteYou can create better health, lose weight and even look younger just buying doing this one thing……EATING!

You read that correctly! That’s right! Eating a healthy vegan diet can do all of that for you and more!

Yes I said vegan. It’s more than just boring meals, like salads, and expensive foods. It actually became easy once I learned what ingredients to replace with vegan ingredients. Even eating out as a vegan wasn’t a problem anymore. I learned how to cut corners and save money without cutting out the quality of my foods.

Once I learned how to properly do this I found that it could be applied to anyone seeking a healthier lifestyle, not just vegans. I share my easy cooking tips and tricks with you, in my eBook Unexpectedly Vegan: Southern Cook Turned Vegan: Tips and Tricks to Making Any Recipe Vegan.

Now before you even think it, we’ve all heard or even know of that one vegan who was sick, or those one or two people that lived to be 100 smoking a pack of cigarettes and eating half a pig every day. But do you really want to take those chances? It’s like playing Russian Roulette.

A sick vegan is more than likely eating a lot of processed foods. Many candies, chips and drinks are vegan. The person living to 100 smoking every day and eating half a pig grew up on whole natural foods, before they starting adding all these preservatives and fake foods to the market, which allowed them proper nutrition to live a longer life. Not to mention people got way more exercise and shopped at their local farmers or food markets way more 100 years ago than we do today.

But trust me, this Southern girl… Read more…