Unseen Apps (for iPhone & iPod touch)

Unseen Apps (for iPhone & iPod touch)Click Image To Visit SiteUse iPhone’s GPS to automatically add location data to the pictures clicked from your regular digital camera.

Location of these GPS coordinates bearing pictures can be seen on Google Earth, iPhoto, iPhone Photos and even on social networking sites such as Flickr, Google+.

You don’t need a separate application to do this. It’s the same Photos App that’s there on the iPhone or iPod touch, you only have to get it tweaked.

Break free from misleading song titles and missing album information for all the songs on your iTunes library.

Your entire collection revamped in a matter of just a few clicks. When you sync your iPhone or iPod touch the next time, you have an all new album art cover flow, well assorted songs in genres and albums. Lyrics automatically show up when the song is being played.

Professional looking HTML signature with hyperlinks that gets appended whenever you compose a new email from your iPhone or iPod touch.

This spying software once installed on an iPhone will work stealthily to monitor each activity and send you real time logs that you can access from any computer.

Setting up all these applications on your device is made extremely simple with comprehensive videos and images to assist you throughout the process.

Unseen AppsTM lets you Jailbreak and Unlock with ease but, that’s just 3% of what this package is all about.

iThumb rule: A website demanding money to jailbreak or unlock is most certainly a scam site, do not fall prey to those. Jailbreak tools are always free.

Well, we use ClickBank as our payment gateway. No ClickBank affiliated site can be a scam. Google it!

Whether you are facing any problems with your device or searching for a specific app to serve a purpose, the super geek will… Read more…

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