Use music like a map, not as a ball and chainClick Image To Visit SiteThis course is phenomenal. I have been studying it now for weeks since I first received it. I have never been so involved in a song before. I have studied it intensively by analysis and repetition and your guiding ideas on the video. I just go back and forth when I need refreshing!! It is just like having you right here beside me…Wow.

It’s for a select group of piano players who want to take their playing to the next level by discovering the treasure that lies buried in every song. For the most part it is for people who have already studied with Duane and are anxious to get on to the next level of playing.

Over the next year or two or three a very select group of piano players are going to take their playing to the next level by receiving a new "Music Map" that will lead them to the treasure buried in each song.

You see, every song that has ever been written contains within it musical riches galore — enough to make any piano player fabulously rich in musical techniques beyond his or her wildest dreams. You know that’s true, don’t you? All you have to do is look at a piece of sheet music and compare it to someone playing the same song on TV or a CD.

They add all kinds of color, all kinds of extra notes and different harmonic flavors and rhythms and improvisations, and on and on.

Each month I’ll be providing a new "Music Map" for you — a new familiar song along with a video you can download immediately. You’ll receive an email from me telling you that the new Music Map is ready, and you can then watch it immediately online. If your piano is not by… Read more…

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