Vaccine Risks ReportClick Image To Visit SiteQuote from Report: "It is stunning to realize what kinds of left-over,decomposing particles are all compounded into a needle and injected into the innocent bodies of young children. If the public, especially parents, knew what these ingredients were and what they were capable of, there would be a very high demand of accountability! These ingredients should be listed on school immunization forms! Wouldn’t that make a difference?!"

This 23 page special Vaccine Risks Report is an easy-to-read "Adobe PDF" file that you will download to you computer instantly with one click. Your bank or credit card statement will show a charge by ClickBank or CLKBANK*COM.

Edited by Cindy Goldenberg, Alternative Health Expert, Speaker and Advocate for Human Health Rights, Informed Vaccine Consent & Alternatives. Television & Radio interviews include: NBC’s "The Other Side," "The Susan Powter Show", CBS Radio with Dave Ross, and many other independent cable and radio shows. Cindy promoted alternative health choices after pioneering a cure for her own son from debilitating vaccine injuries. She is recognized as an international children’s health rights advocate and a valuable support for children’s research. "I have witnessed first hand and for too many unfortunate years the horrors of vaccine side effects. From mild learning disorders, to chronic respiratory and ear infections, to diabetes, to developmental and physical delays, these conditions have now become epidemic. I have seen and known the faces of the parents who are now lost, searching for answers for their learning delayed and immune compromised children. The stories are the same — their once normally developing children no longer have speech, can no longer appropriately interact with their parents and other children, and now have many processing and behavioral disorders. Diligent mothers, who only ate organic and natural foods while pregnant, succumbed to… Read more…

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