Ventriloquist Script Writing

Ventriloquist Script WritingClick Image To Visit SiteEach was asked questions about their script writing process.  Their answers will provide you with a unique look into the minds of these performers.

Consisting of twelve videos, the Ventriloquist Script Writing Master Class will inspire you.  It will make you think.  It will help you understand how different performers approach writing original material.  You will discover secrets to make writing and editing easier. You will gain insights to processes and ideas that can help you – but only if you apply them.

There may be times when one of my guests say something you’ve heard before.  Listen to it again with an open mind.  Chances are you will hear it again, and start to wonder if maybe you should listen to the advice – instead of just hearing the information.

The final video in the series will detail a synopsis of the script writing processes laid out by my guests.  Combined with the interviews, you will have a complete resource that you will refer to time and again.

These twelve lessons will be time released, one every three days.  Each day, you will receive an e-mail that will encourage you to work on the materials my guest discusses.  (Due to a recent change – the e-mails will now be available each day on the web site.  They are released every 24 hours.) At the end of the course, you will maintain full access to the videos and be able to review the materials any time you need inspiration.

If you think this Master Class will “magically” turn you into a successful ventriloquist script writer – look elsewhere.  Developing original, solid material is not easy.  It will take work.  Lots of work.  If you want easy, stick with the dialog books.

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