You Can Learn To Paint Faux Exposed Brick Breakouts and Paint New York Loft Style Faux Brick WallsClick Image To Visit Site“Discover What Insiders Already Know About Painting Exposed Faux Brick So You Can Get It Right The First Time”

Do you want designer exposed faux bricks on your walls, but never actually thought you could pull off designer looking results? Are you frustrated looking at designer magazines and books with all the instructions for painting broken plaster walls – written in what seems to be Greek? I feel your pain!

All your most challenging questions about painting faux brick will be answered. You will have access to my support email and can ask all the faux brick questions you want!

You can ask for help with all your exposed faux brick painting questions by email. You won’t find that kind of customer service with just any faux painting consultant.

You will have more fun and have better results if you know what techniques are prone to problems and what paint and tools you need to have on hand before you start to paint.

I am a painting contractor in Illinois, and I have been wanting to learn how to do breakaway plaster  for a while now and I was actually  ready to dish out a lot of money for someone to teach me.

I do many faux finishes and have been very successful, but this one had eluded me for a while until I found you online.

Are you just beginning to learn faux brick wall techniques and have been frustrated with the results? Would you love to find someone to teach you with simple – easy to follow instructions?

… And wouldn’t it be great if that someone would answer all your questions about designing and painting faux bricks?

I was a professional faux artist for 17 years, and I have learned a trick or three about painted faux brick… Read more…