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Anyone who has ever tried to get to powerseller status on ebay will understand the reluctance of most people these days even trying for it.
The daily trudge to the post office, the annoying looks and stares from the customer waiting behind you in the queue, wondering just how many boxes you have in that bin liner you’re lifting to the counter scales….And that’s all before you’ve worked out how much it’s cost you in fuel, shoe leather, postage costs and ebays fees.

Is it surprising that only the thick skinned and extremely determined ever make it through?
It does make you wonder if they actually make a profit for all their effort?

Well that’s not what John Thornhill does at all.
John has been steadily tapping into the information product market on ebay, which is huge!
He sells digital downloadable materials and thereby avoids any trips to post items or costs involved, in fact all he has are his ebay fees and paypal fees.

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It’s obvious John has a system in place that makes him money – as he has been trading on ebay for 5 years and he happily displays his his ebay id – planetsms, and his positive feedback of over 13,000.

Basically it’s easy to establish that John does very well from ebay. That said I’d be telling fibs if I didn’t admit that I had heard ebay was no longer of use for making major profits from. Anyone who has looked into ebay must have seen it’s critics, shouting loudly, that there is no longer any money to be made from selling ebooks!

And yet here is John proudly displaying his ID and claiming he can help anyone get to powerseller status in 90 day AND learn to duplicate his systems and make hundreds a day!!

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So can he ?

Well an exploration of the package from the inside reveals firstly –

That everything stated on the salespage is actually included, there doesn’t appear to be any hype over the products contained.
You see John is offering not just his action plan, but everything that anyone would need to follow it (barring a domain name and hosting, and an autoresponder account) He includes a host of tools and products including a fully built website, listing templates and literally thousands of ebooks.

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It has to be said that although John adds new ebooks monthly, a good deal of the older ones would either be better left or completely updated…. these are the ones you typically see people selling for 01 penny/cent. Personally I’d not waste my time messing about with them – there are so many recent and good quality products in the package there really is no need!

Here’s where it get’s interesting.
After you follow the step by step tutorials and get everything set up to sell the quantity’s required to achieve powerseller status, (by the way – if anyone was looking for a quick fix – you wont find it here. The system does require manual input of a couple of hours a day for those 90 days!)…. But given that anyone seeking to build a long term income online would be quite prepared for that, lets assume that powerseller status is reached within the 90 days…..

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John then goes on to continue teaching, and frankly this is what impressed me more than his initial package, yes it’s impressive and yes it’s comprehensive. Yes it delivers everything promised on the salespage, and yes it requires work and effort following step by step what one needs to get done!

But John could quite easily have stopped at that having delivered what was promised, and yet he adds more instead. The breath of fresh air in the ‘make money online’ industry that has grown around people constantly over promising and under delivering comes from the lengths John goes to to ensure his members have learned what they really need to know.

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It does briefly mention on the salespage that there is a members only forum, (but in fairness – how many sites don’t have one these days?) – the difference in the planetsms members forum is that John goes on to give more advice about maximising profits through his “Many Streams Make A River” concept….

He says on his salespage that he will cover affiliate marketing, and that is done in the tutorials, but the forum seems to be a hive of activity not just from John posting his advice, but from the many long term members who have built their own businesses and have stuck around to continue to offer advice to the newcomers.

With over 2000 registered users and over 30,000 posts, it seems to be the most valuable resource of the entire package!

Having viewed the contents and quality of the posts, no question is left unanswered and no affiliate links or advertising are mentioned in any save an ad section provided for members use.

So to conclude this review…
Question —– Can the 90 day powerseller package do what it claims?
Answer —— In my opinion a definite Yes – IF one is prepared to follow step by step and put in the work initially required to get there….

But as I mentioned at the start, having looked at the entire package, it is far more than just about ebay. It’s about building a sustainable long term business online, incorporating many income streams, and giving all the advice, help and support needed for anyone to achieve these things….

Frankly – Surprising these days…. But Very Pleasantly So!.

The package can be viewed and ordered here, and it also comes with a 100% money back guarantee!

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